Mushipe Visual Arts Mentorship Programme

We have designed this mentorship program specifically for young visual artists who have faced barriers to further develop their art practice in drawing, print making or painting. This is a program to make visual arts accessible particularly for artists who haven’t pursued formal studies in the field. 

Welcome To Mushipe Visual Art

Mushipe Visual Art Mentorship Programme is the first of its kind in the history of Midlands province in Zimbabwe. The programs was developed with the view of leaving a landmark signature while providing a launching pad for a new revolutionary community of young vibrant artists that are fearless to communicate thoughts once lockdown by tides of artificial and natural boundaries that confined thoughts and freedom of movement to a limited space.

Comparable to a flower Forbes Mushipe is like a stem holding a beautifully blooming flower smiling to a soothing winter sun with his 15 radiant petals to amuse the world whose tears and regrets of lost wealth and opportunities are a permanently mark inflicted by “Covid 19” on the lives of many at home and abroad.

The future is bright for the artists, for the unfolding series of inspiration and possibilities of another day on earth is assured a reflection on how God works. The most striking patterns of experience are dotted in history of those that survived for hope lives, promising better days ahead.
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